Meet the band members

A few words about each of us, up close and personal... :-)

Boško Colić, drums

One of the three founding members of Seven and Counting. Our reliable beat machine, most experienced and most awarded musician in the band. Hell, gold and platinum records are decorating his walls and he also won Eurovision song contest! Back in the days but still... :-)))

Nenad Grabić, guitar

Lead guitar, arrangement guru, left-handed gunslinger who plays guitar with strings upside down... And nobody knows how many tricks he's holding up in his sleeves. Unfortunately, he's not able to play with us all the time but he did so much for the band and we all hope there's more of him left for our music in times to come.

Ante Paleka, bass

A rare bird... One of only few dancing caucasian bass players. Plus, if there's an extra beat or if someone misses one, you bet he won't let it go! Along with Boško on drums, the rest of us can play with ease knowing the two of them are holding our backs.

Josip Milković, saxophone

The youngest one. But his sax playing and his talent can match any challenge - anytime, anywhere. His feeling for music and song and wide range of styles he can play turned him into one of those people from whom we expect to bring something unexpected to any given song he plays.

Ivan Vihar, guitar

You better believe, he's an alien! The way he plays his guitar is out of this World. He joined the band only recently so we don't have any recordings with him yet, but once you hear what he does on those six-strings, you'll start looking into night sky... Searching for some strange lights moving in high speed...

Grgo Ivković, piano

We think he came with Ivan from some galaxy far, far away even though he denies it. This guy can sing, play, arrange or whatever it takes and he's doing it with huge smile on his face! Born to make music, no doubt about it!!!

Vinko Baković, guitar

Known as 'Rusty'. Band founder and lead singer (against his will). Writes lyrics and music and plays rhythm guitar. Seven and Counting band is his first music attempt ever. Who knows, maybe one day he proofs he's a late bloomer... A proud member of ISSA
00 ISSA Membership Card

Daria Baković, backing vocals

Also one of the three founders of the band. Rusty's life companion and inspiration for many songs. Her voice gave this band a new level of softness but also strength, depending on song's mood. Wide range of vocal colours and tones makes Daria much more than just another backup singer.

Lucija Grabovac, backing vocals

Lucija was first to join the band after the band core was formed and she immediately blended into that core. No wonder. With her voice straight out of Heaven, being a true team player and carrying the music within every cell of her body and mind, she is irreplaceable.

Nevija Kožul Peričić, backing vocal

Our latest acquisition in our backup singers line-up. But it feels like she was here from the very beginning. Her singing can be matched only with her laughter and both can last for a long, long time... Positive to the max in every aspect!

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