After realising he still enjoys playing some songs he wrote over 20 years ago, a big question popped-up: What if those songs deserve more than just being played in his living room? This dilemma became a starting spark that led us to founding Seven and Counting. But before that, we wanted to do just a 3-4 songs to see if they could sound decent enough to go public with them. During that process, some people came, some people went, but strong band core persisted and over time we became a loosen-up bunch of people who share same sense of humour, similar music taste and, above all, we truly love what we do. No matter if it's a cover song or one of our original songs, we enjoy in leaving pieces of us in it.

Baby steps...

Our first song was "I'll Be There". We have been rehearsing it for about six months before entering the studio. 'Way too long' one may say... Maybe so. But it actually wasn't because we decided to go to studio only when we felt we're ready. Anyway, the band line-up at the time was: Daria Baković & Lucija Grabovac on backing vocals, Jure Hrelić on bass, Josip Beram on electric guitar, Domagoj Bašić on violin, Boško Colić on drums and Vinko Baković on vocal and acoustic guitar. The song was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by our dear friend Predrag Ćosić who welcomed us in his studio and made us feel like at home there! Which was important because for many of us it was the first studio experience ever.
Now, with our first demo single in our hands, it was just about the time to come up with the band name...
(to be continued...)

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